IEEE HotICN 2018 Beta

IEEE hotICN 2018

Keynote Speeches

“Think Sequential, Run Parallel” by Wenfei Fan (FRS, ACM Fellow, MAE)

Welcome Speech by Wen Gao (ACM Fellow/IEEE Fellow, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering)

“Modernizing Cyberspace from the Network Ground Up” by Lixia Zhang (ACM Fellow / IEEE Fellow)

“Constructing Ubiquitous Cloud Networking” by Yunjie Liu (Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering)

“Blockchain Application Trend under New Technology Fusion” by Xiaohong Chen (Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering)


“Named Data Networking: Challenges and Progress” by Beichuan Zhang (Associate Professor of University of Arizona)

“Ultra Dense Networks: Principles and Technologies” by Haijun Zhang (Professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology)

IEEE HotICN 2018 Presentation (ICN Session + Blockchain Session)

Presentation of Paper 25 from Alex Afanasyev (ICN Session)

Presentation of Paper 98 from Asit Chakraborti (ICN Session)

Q&A of ICN Session

Presentation of Paper 21 from Kazuyki Shudo (Blockchain Session)

Presentation of Paper 56 from Jia Kan (Blockchain Session)

Q&A of Blockchain Session

IEEE HotICN 2018 Award & Thanks Ceremony

Welcome Speech by General Chair (Prof. Kai Lei)

Best Paper Award of ICN Track

Best Paper Award of Blockchain Track

Travel Grant Award

Knowledge Graph Contest Award

Appreciation Award to Present TPC Members