IEEE HotICN 2018 Beta

Keynote Speeches

Blockchain Technology Industry Forum (Afternoon of Augest 14)
Speaker: Ting Yan

Title: Operation, maintenance and Application of Blockchain System

Speaker introduction: Expert in the national science and technology expert library, industry-renowned security experts and blockchain technology pioneers, first proposed the concept of professional security services in the country and resorted to specific business, founder and CEO of Beijing PeerSafe Technology Co., Ltd
Speaker: Xueming Si

Title: The Future evolution of Blockchain from the Information System Perspective

Speaker introduction: Professor of Fudan University, Director of the China Computer Society Blockchain Committee
Speaker: Lei Zhang

Title: YeeCall-The Infrastructure in Blockchain Age

Speaker introduction: Founder and CEO of YeeCall
Speaker: Zhenhua Zhao

Title: The Data Privacy Protection of Fabric

Speaker introduction: IBM Senior Technical Specialist, Blockchain Developer Ambassador

Future Network Technology and Engineering Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Augest 15)
Speaker: Wenfei Fan

Title: Think Sequential, Run Parallel

Speaker introduction: Famous international database expert, Academician of Royal Society of Edinburgh, CM fellow, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society, currently, serves as the chief professor in School of information, University of Edinburgh, special expert of “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, part-time professor of”Changjiang Scholars Program”.
Speaker: Xiaohong Chen

Title: Blockchain Application Trend Under New Technology Fusion

Speaker introduction: Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician
Speaker: Yunjie Liu

Title: Constructing Ubiquitous Cloud Networking

Speaker introduction: Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, ever served as director of data communication institute of Ministry of Posts and Tele Communication, deputy director of DGT and director of the Data Communications Bureau, Post Science Planning Research Institute dean of the Ministry of post and telecommunications, chief engineer and vice president of China Unicom.
Speaker: Lixia Zhang

Title: Modernizing Cyberspace from the Network Ground Up

Speaker introduction: MIT Doctor, professor of UCLA, ACM/IEEE Fellow, NDN Project leader, and she is in charge of the Internet Research Lab of UCLA.
Speaker: John Lui

Title: An Online Learning Approach to Network Application Optimization with Guarantee

Speaker introduction: IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow
Speaker: Shouwen Bi

Title: Step Into Intelligent Network Era

Speaker introduction: Vice President of H3C
Speaker: Kun Tan

Title: Cloud Networking Research at Huawei and Future Challenges

Speaker introduction: Vice President of Huawei Central Software Research Center

Speaker: Chu Ke

Title: Deep Virtualization of Network

Speaker introduction: Chief Architect of ZTE
Speaker: Yongqiang Deng

Title: Technology Development & Social Innovation by Blockchain

Speaker introduction: INNO ANGEL FUND Co-founder
Speaker: Dongming Lu

Title: Opportunities and Challenges Coexist Age- Tiny Difference between Success and Failure

Speaker introduction: Product Manager of Microsoft China
Speaker: Liangjie Zhang

Title: Blockchain-driven Future Network

Speaker introduction: Vice CEO of Kingdee, IEEE Fellow
Speaker: Jun Bi

Title: Cyberspace Security Construction of Tsinghua University

Speaker introduction: Deputy Dean of Tsinghua University Institute of Network Science & Cyberspace
Speaker: Wei Fan

Title: Medical Knowledge Graph-the Driving Force of AI in Medical Informatics

Speaker introduction: Chair of Tecent Medical AI Research Center
Speaker: Shengyun Wang

Title: Intelligent Logistics

Speaker introduction: Manager of Information Management Department, Sinotrans