IEEE HotICN 2018 Beta

1. Registration Fee Explanation

  • Please refer to the “registration” column in the website and chose the applicable registration type to register.
  • IEEE member should send email to offer membership information screenshot of IEEE website when registering, otherwise, you are deemed as a non-member.
  • Valid student Card scan must be offered for student registration.
  • Please note ”HotICN2018+paper ID” when registering.
  • Please send email to conference organizer for final registration confirmation after you pay the registration fee.
    If you need receipt, please also send blow listed information to us when you sending registration email( the item of the receipt will be “registration fee”, and we will mail the receipt to you after the conference):
    Invoice Title: XXXXXXXXXXX
    Taxpayer Identification No: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Receipt Mailing Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Email:
    Email subject: HotICN2018 paper ID+ register type A/B/C + standard type/student type)
    Email content: registered paper ID + payment voucher + IEEE Membership certificate(for members only) + student Card scan(for students only)
  • 6 pages Regular Papers register time:
    Register in advance: no later than 7th, July, 2018
    Delayed and on-site registration: 8th, July - 14th, August, 2018
  • 2 pages Industry Papers register time:
    Register in advance: no later than 25th, July, 2018
    Delayed and on-site registration: 26th, July - 14th, August, 2018

2. Foreign Payment

Please click, and log in your PayPal account to register(Ps: we suggest you use the Google browser)

3. Domestic Payment

Transfer to bank card

Account name: Shenzhen Bi Sheng Education Consulting Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit: China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Huarun city branch

Bank account: 7559 3653 2010 201

Wechat Transfer

Alipay Transfer