IEEE HotICN 2018 Beta

Papers tetantively to be accepted in IEEE HotICN 2018

Coupling DAS, SVC and NDN: an SVC-aware cache and forwarding policy for NDN routers
Wei Liu, Guoqiang Zhang and Qian Gao
Semi-supervised Event Message Identification System for Targeted Domain
San San Nwe and Nan Sai Moon Kham
Performance Comparison and Evaluation of WebSocket Frameworks: Netty, Undertow, Vert.x, Grizzly and Jetty
Yukun Wang, Lei Huang and Kai Lei
A QoS-supported Multi-constrained Routing Strategy Based on Ant-Colony Optimization for Named Data Networking
Zheng Yong, Han Min, He Liuting, Li Ya, Xing Guanglin and Hou Rui
DATE: A Decentralized, Anonymous, and Transparent E-Voting System
Wei-Jr Lai, Ja-Ling Wu, Yung-Chen Hsieh and Chih-Wen Hsueh
A Competitiveness-driven and Secure Incentive Mechanism for Competitive Organizations Data Sharing: A Contract Theoretic Approach
Bingyi Guo, Xiaofang Deng, Quansheng Guan and Jie Tian
A Dynamic and Heterogeneous Byzantine System in Cloud
Yang Chen, Hongchao Hu, Wenyan Liu and Yingying Lv
A Private data Protection Scheme Based on Blockchain under Pipeline Model
Qianyi Dai, Kaiyong Xv, Song Guo, Leyu Dai and Zhicheng Zhou
An in-network collaborative verification mechanism for defending content poisoning in Named Data Networking
Haohao Kang, Yi Zhu, Yu Tao and Jianlong Yang
Identity Based Approach Under a Unified Service Model for Secure Content Distribution in ICN
Jiangtao Luo, Guoliang Xu, Chen He and Edmond Jonckheere
Real-Time Data Discovery In Named Data Networking
Spyridon Mastorakis, Peter Gusev, Alexander Afanasyev and Lixia Zhang
A Probability-based Caching Strategy with Consistent Hash in Named Data Networking
Yang Qin, Weihong Yang and Wu Liu
A Top-k Concast Service for Multiple Tiny Data Retrieval in NDN
Zhuhua Liao, Jian Zhang, Zengde Teng and Yizhi Liu
WinCM: A Window based Congestion Control Mechanism for NDN
Minxiao Wang, Meng Yue and Zhijun Wu
Chameleon: A Scalable and Adaptive Permissioned Blockchain Architecture
Guobiao He, Wei Su and Shuai Gao
Name Weighted Round Robin (NWRR) Algorithm for Named Data Networking
Yiming Jiang and Jiangtao Luo
Research and Application of BFT Algorithms Based on the Hybrid Fault Model
Qichao Zhang, Zhuyun Qi and Kai Lei
An Insightful Experimental Study of a Sophisticated Interest Flooding Attack in NDN
Lixia Zhao, Guang Cheng, Xiaoyan Hu, Hua Wu, Jian Gong, Wang Yang and Chengyu Fan
Per-Packet Protection (PPP) Scheme for Named Data Networking
Chen He, Jiangtao Luo, Fei Zhang, Zuoqi Jiang and Mengnan Wang
Joint Faces Scheduling and Bitrate Wwitching for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over NDN based on Stochastic Optimization
Xi Wei, Xiaobin Tan, Xiangyang Wu and Lei Xu
A Blockchain-based key Management Scheme for Named Data Networking
Kai Lei, Junjun Lou, Qichao Zhang and Zhuyun Qi
MANET for Disaster Relief based on NDN
Yang Jin, Xiaobin Tan, Weiwei Feng, Jinyang Lv and Aerman Tuerxun
CoinMingle: A Decentralized Coin Mixing Scheme with a Mutual Recognition Delegation Strategy
Mixue Xu, Chao Yuan, Xueming Si, Gang Yu, Jianhua Fu and Feng Gao
Fast Handover for High-Speed Railway via NDN
Runtong Chen, Wang Yang, Fan Wu and Muhua Sun
Name Label Switching Paradigm supporting dynamic label distribution for NDN
Jichang Hu and Jiangtao Luo
Improve Blockchain Performance using Graph Data Structure and Parallel Mining
Jia Kan, Shangzhe Chen and Xin Huang
Design and Evaluation of a Multi-source Multi-destination Real-time Application on Content Centric Network
Asit Chakraborti, Syed Obaid Amin, Aytac Azgin and Ravi Ravindran
Complex Network Based Knowledge Graph Ontology Structure Analysis
Yuehang Ding, Hongtao Yu, Ruiyang Huang and Yunjie Gu
A Survey of Traffic Classification in Software Defined Networks
Jinghua Yan and Jing Yuan
Education-Industry Cooperative System Based on Blockchain
Qin Liu, Qingchen Guan, Xiaowen Yang, Hongming Zhu, Gill Green and Shaohan Yin
Toward a self-learned Smart Contracts
Ahmed Almasoud, Maged M. Eljazzar and Farookh Hussain
Blockchain-inspired Event Recording System for Autonomous Vehicles
Hao Guo, Ehsan Meamari and Chien-Chung Shen
Intelligent Eco Networking (IEN): an Advanced Future Internet of intelligece for Digital Social Economic Ecosystem
Scott Turing