IEEE HotICN 2018 Beta

Call for Papers

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ICN Track

  • ICN architecture and fundamentals
    • Routing and forwarding
    • Congestion Control
    • Hybrid networks, such as Integration ICN with SDN or IPv6 or DNS
    • Caching policy and management
    • Smart ICN (AI in ICN)
    • Data Center/High speed ICN
    • Prototype equipments for ICN Deployement
  • ICN mobility
    • Producer/Consumer mobility, hand-over management
    • 5G ICN
    • Vehicle Networks or dynamic networking
  • ICN in IoT
    • Fog Computing or Edge networks
    • IoT-specific security
  • Security Issues in ICN
    • Privacy issues
    • Caching related security problems
    • Access Control
    • Trust management
  • ICN performance and evaluation
    • Network Qos、Reliabiltiy
    • System performance and Application oriented performance
    • Green ICN (energy saving or cost reducing)
    • Monitoring and debugging
    • Testbed or benchmarking
  • ICN-inspired applications and systems
    • ICN advantages in Ad hoc network
    • Tools, add-ons and thinner ICN systems
    • Content distribution and P2P
    • Distributed ICN algorithms and systems
    • Cloud-based services, Database, Big data
    • Streaming application and VR/AR
    • Implementation challenges and experiences
  • ICN analysis and theory
    • Simulation or real system analysis (eg. Scalability or bottleneck)
    • Fundemantal control and optimization theories
    • Traffic Engineering
    • Methodology and metrics

Blockchain Track

  • Blockchain Technologies and Systems
  • Distributed Consensus Algorithms
  • Digital currency or Cryptocurrencies technologies
  • Security, privacy and trust issues with blockchain schemes
  • Performance and scalability optimization of blockchain system
  • Testing, simulation and modeling
  • Smart contracts and distributed ledger applications
  • Innovative applications with blockchain technique(e.g. IoT, Fintech)

Knowledge Graph Track

  • Information Extraction
    • Knowledge extraction
    • Named entity recognition, entity disambiguation and linking
    • Relationship extraction, event extraction
    • Semantic similarity / Metric learning
  • Information Retrieval
    • Algorithm, models and theory of IR
    • Text filtering, mining, classification and clustering, Community mining
    • Content Recommendation, Analysis and Classification
    • Topic detection and summarization
    • Interactive research, UI and visualizaion
  • Knowledge Representation
    • Knowledge representation learning
    • Knowledge graph embedding, modeling
    • Knowledge graph mapping, merging, reuse and alignment
    • Quality issues, assessment metrics and measures in knowledge graphs
  • Knowledge Graph Based Application
    • Machine translation
    • Question answering, Dialogue and interactive systems
    • Use cases in natural language processing, knowledge management, data integration, data publishing, smart data access and analytics
    • Specific applications in various verticals: medicine, business, industry and cultural heritage

Submission Details

2018 1st IEEE International Conference on Hot Information-Centric Networking (HotICN) has been officially approved by IEEE. All accepted papers will be published by IEEE, which will be submitted EI, CNKI index.Excellent papers may be selected and published on SCI or EI journals.

  • Regular Papers: up to 6 pages in length (for all ICN,Blockchain, Knowledge Graph tracks. excluding references, may need extra fees for addtional pages);
  • Industry Papers or Demos, 2 pages (including references), only for the BlockChain Track;
  • Posters and Demos, 2 pages (including references) are welcomed for Knowledge Graph Track.

Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of originality, importance of contribution, soundness, evaluation, quality of presentation and appropriate comparison to related work. The program committee as a whole will make final decisions about which submissions to accept for presentation at the conference. A “best paper award” will be attributed from the program committee to one among the accepted papers.

To submit papers and abstracts to the HotICN 2018 conference, first carefully read the the submission instructions.

Submissions can be made through EasyChair: please go to the HotICN 2018 Submission Site at

Important Dates

April 10, 2018 (11:59PM GMT) Abstract Registration Deadline
April 16, 2018 (11:59 PM GMT) Paper Submission Deadline
June 1, 2018 Acceptance Notification
June 25,2018 Camera Ready Due
August 15-17, 2018 Conference

Special Issue

Authors are encouraged to submit their high-quality, original work to these special issues: